ePayMachine is designed to mirror the credit card transaction process diagram, our electronic check verification service converts paper checks into electronic transactions at the point of sale and automatically deposits the funds into your account, utilizing payment terminals and the National Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

Once you have activated the ePayMachine’s eCheck feature in your merchant account, all of the Merchant Console functions that are used for processing and reviewing credit card transactions will include elements for eChecks as well.

eCheck in Every Feature…
ePayMachine’s gateway is not only known for its simplicity in serving merchants’ basic needs, but also for having the best features and functionality in the industry. That’s why ePayMachine has built the eCheck solution into all of our available features. Whether your merchant needs check capabilities in Recurring Billing, Batch Uploading, Custom Reporting, Fraud Prevention, Retail Software, or basically any other feature that ePayMachine has made, the eCheck feature is built in. This is just part of our commitment to making sure that your merchants get the solutions they need when they need them.

One Easy Interface…ePayMachine’s eCheck solutions are pre-built into the gateway as an added feature. Allowing any existing merchant to easily accept checks without having to worry about using a separate program or console.  ePayMachine’s merchants access all their check processing capabilities and all their check reports from the same easy-to-use merchant console they use for credit card transactions.